A downloadable Octopus City Sim for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Enter Octopus City, the last bastion of humanity in a frozen world.

Meet the cowardly Kaf Kafkaryan, a tentacle trimmer living on a giant octopus.

Explore bizarre worlds and unravel dark conspiracies as the line between dream and reality begins to blur.

Talk to eccentric people with their own motives and schedules. Learn their secrets and spread scandalous rumors.

Handle tense situations while keeping your anxiety in check. Make difficult decisions with long-lasting consequences.

Ghost in a Bottle presents Octopus City Blues: the world's first Octopus City Simulation. Subscribe to the newsletter, join us on Discord, and/or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

This simulation may contain content not appropriate for all ages. This includes frightful situations, (fictional) substance abuse, depictions of violence and murder, and pixelated blood and gore.


Windows Demo 57 MB
macOS Demo 58 MB
Linux Demo (AppImage) 57 MB

Install instructions

Simply run the executable, app, or AppImage file. Check the readme.txt file in the archive for additional instructions.

Linux: To run the AppImage, make it executable. If it doesn't work (e.g. on Ubuntu 22.04+), try installing libfuse2.

Development log


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Drip, beautiful, 10/10

Any plans to release the full game on Itch.io?


Yes, of course, once it's released next year.

Great! Looking forward to it!

Looks like an unreleased 32X game

This game is a lot of fun, Sit back take some octoblood and enjoy.

Thanks for playing!


Hauntingly beautiful, Yet playing it makes my Sanity crumble down slowly...

There are some elements in this game that I enjoy like the retro part and the spooky of the game. But sometimes there are disgusting actions from Kaf that make me kinda worried. Hahahaha. Good job Dev. Here is my 5 minutes+ Gameplay. Enjoy~

hey love this game so far may I ask how we make it full screen? maybe its thr format of my laptop but ts not letting me play full screen. for MAC.

Access the settings menu (pause with esc or from the bunker menu) and then change to Fullscreen mode under the presentation section.

Alternatively, alt+enter should do the trick (alt is called options or ⌥ on Mac.)

If you tried both and it doesn't work then fo you think you can send me the data files?  The ones for Mac are mentioned in the first post


top tier pixel art, does need a save though, i had to go to bed and was not gonna replay an hour lol

Demo NO Commentary


Hi! Thanks for playing. It should save automatically. Is it not working for some reason?


I must have not checked, i dont think i rebooted it cause I didnt think it saved lol thats my fault , game is awesome keep it up :)


Dreadfully accurate little guy simulation


This game changed my life